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OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is the technology that converts typed, or printed text into machine data. Once converted, texts can then be electronically edited, searched, displayed, or stored.

Advanced OCRs utilize various pre-processing techniques to minimize errors and improve character recognition.

Document Type Identification

Document Type Identification helps spot forged or invalid documents. This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify which document is presented, check the legitimacy of a document by comparing it to a reference database of verified templates. Any document that does not have proper formatting,or layout can be singled out for inspection.

Face Matching

Face Matching is a technology that compares two facial portraits and analyses them for similarities. This involves a three step process. First is facial detection, where the software identifies a face in an image. The second step is the conversion of that facial image into digital information (the geometry of the face, spacing of the eyes, ears, nose, etc.). Finally, this information is compared to a second, reference photo and assessed for a match.

Liveness Detection

Liveness Detection utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to examine and determine whether a live person is present and not a “spoof” or a fake. This helps improve systems that rely on biometrics, making them more resilient, accurate, and less vulnerable to deception.

Liveness detection can be performed using any 2D or 3D cameras. With the large-scale adoption of biometric security and identification technologies in recent years, liveness detection has become an increasingly important tool in combating fraud. Attacks directed against the biometric system, which are known as 'presentation attacks' become more common. Fraudsters obtain data via online fraud or through hacked security systems. Photos, videos played on tablets and even 3D masks have all been to counterfeit identity. Liveness detection is essential to combating these kinds of criminal acts.